S- 4
P- 7
E- 4
C- 7
I- 5
A- 8
L- 5

Talents |12 + 3|
Alertness – (4) eavsdropping
Animal Affinity – (3) dogs
Athletics – (4) climbing
Awareness –
Empathy – (4) gaining trust
Expression –
Green Thumb –
Intimidation –
Leadership –
Streetwise –
Subterfuge -

Skills |10 + 2|
Brawl –
Bow & Arrow –
Cooking –
Crafts –
Etiquette –
Firearms –
Larceny – (5) Lockpicking & Pickpocketing
Martial Arts – (3) Pressure points
Melee –
Performance –
Stealth – (4) blending into crowds
Survival –
Torture -

Knowledges |8|
Academics –
Enchanting –
Finance –
Investigation –
Law –
Magic – (4) summoning
Medicine – (4) Poison treatments
Occult –
Science –
Technology -

Merits 3
Catlike balance (1)
Common Sense (1)
Concentration (1)

Flaws 4
Amnesia (2)
Nightmares (1)
Illiterate (1)


Female biologically
Appearance is not very gender specific (flatter chest, not very wide/big hips or thighs). Could pass as a girl or a guy and can be easily mistaken as male on first glance. Keeps her hair short enough so she can pass as male if she needs to.
Only thing about her past that she knows is what the doctors told her: Her mother was shot and killed in her home. She was shot too, but only in her arm. A scar remains on her upper left arm. The cops don’t know who the shooter was/is so neither does she. They also have no clue to why her mother was killed. After being released from the hospital, she was put in an orphanage because she is only 16 and has no father. She has no knowledge of who her father is, where he might be, or if he is even alive. A few months later she ran away from the orphanage for no real reason.
She carries around a picture of her mother in her pocket so that she doesn’t forget how she looked.

(SD) Hand-to-Hand Martial Summoning Kit
Brass Knuckles


Later Cruuvo Cruuvo